Official LANA mining pool

– 3% fee goes directly to LanaCoin development fund “LhQ3TFB7X1Z6fw4GafnHeA2i1gh3i3HXWq”
– High performance Node.js backend
– No registration required. Use LanaCoin wallet address as username and any password

Please double check your wallet address. If misstype it, funds go anywhere!!


For mining LanaCoin you will need specialized cryptocurrency hardware with sha256 algo support (sha256 ASIC miners).

Connect to pool.

Username: your lanacoin wallet address
Password: anything
Algorithm: sha256
URL (difficulty 50000): stratum+tcp://
URL (difficulty 500000): stratum+tcp://
URL (difficulty 128): stratum+tcp://
URL (difficulty 1000000): stratum+tcp://
If you dont own your own asic device you can rent it on MiningRigRentals.