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LanaCoin on SkyEYE ATM

We are very happy to announce that from the 24th of February 2021 LanaCoin can be bought on SkyEYE ATMs. SkyEYE is the Slovenian Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency ATM provider. They bring the possibility of buying and selling different cryptocurrencies to new and unexpected places. Its mission is to become the leading Bitcoin and blockchain, ATM provider. They spread their innovations around Slovenia.

From now on, you can buy LanaCoins with EUR on SkyEye ATMs.


You simply choose the amount of EUR you want to spend, deposit the selected amount, scan your wallet address and receive the amount of Lanas on your wallet. Simple as that. By buying LanaCoins you support the development of the project. 

LanaCoin can be deposit on, PC wallet or paper wallet. Our next milestone is mobile wallet upgrades. 

For now, SkyEye offers only buying of LanaCoins. Selling for FIAT (eur) will be enabled in the future. 


Buy cryptocurrency with cash

Visit one of ATMs in your area and buy LanaCoins with cash.

Or use the ATM to buy a voucher and redeem it here when it suits you best.


SkyEye locations:

You can get more information about SkyEye ATMs on their web page.