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New interesting Lana – Lana Rhoades

Today we will describe another interesting and famous Lana. She is working in adult industry and many other things. Her success hasn’t come over the night. But we have to admit that she is very hardworking, beautiful and that she knows how to take advantage of her attributes. 

Amara Maple, better known as Lana Rhoades, is a model and actress who grew up as a country girl in McHenry, Illinois. She graduated high school early and always performed well in cheerleading and other sports. She thought about getting into the adult industry before she was 18 and decided to send an application once an adult. At that age, she moved closer to Chicago where she worked at a Tilted Kilt. During the same year, Lana’s fame started with her first pictorials for Playboy Cyber Girls. Just a few months later, she made the jump into the adult business and quickly gathered quite a following as well as great critics notably for her erotic feature Lana (2017) making her a much sought-after model.

NICKNAME: Lana Rhoades

FULL NAME: Amara Maple
HEIGHT: 160cm
PROFESSION: Actress-adult industry
NATIONALITY: American (Slovenian?)
AGE: 24 years old (in 2021)
DATE OF BIRTH: September 6, 1996
DATE OF BIRTH: 6 September 1996
BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois, USA
HOME TOWN: Chicago, Ilinois
FULL NAME: 2017 (model for PlayBoy)
Colelge/university: Oakton college, Ilinois



Lana Rhoades doesn’t appear to have children. Maybe she will have some after she ends her career.  

Parents and Family

Lana Rhoades’ father and mother are not known so are the rest of her family which she likes to keep private. It’s not clear whether her parents and family support her career choice. We support her decision and don’t want to dig deeper. 

Net Worth

Lana Rhoades has got an estimated net worth of at least $USD20 million as of 2020.

In 2018 Lana Rhoades announced that she is quitting the adult film industry and that she will focus on her new personal projects. But in 2020 she came back and signed a contract with industry giant Brazzers. But it looks that her comeback wasn’t so successful. In a podcast with Logan Paul, she revealed that this contract was canceled. 

In her private time, she loves to walk her dogs and bake cupcakes. 

One interesting information. In March 2020, she mede it to the news as soon as she revealed that successfull right soccer player contacted her with direct message in instagram. She has revealed that a footballer with a $120 million-a-year deal and 43 million Instagram followers “slid into her DMs”.

Who was he? Not many footballers have somewhere around 43 million followers. Real Madrid stars James Rodriquez (45 million), Gareth Bale (42.9 million) and Marcelo Vieira Jr. (43.9 million) and AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic (41.7 million) are in the vicinity.