You are currently viewing LanaCoin supports effort in Poland ‘Bees in the City”. In Kielce, a Mars rover with a hive set off from the monument of Henryk Sienkiewicz
LanaCoin and BEES

LanaCoin supports effort in Poland ‘Bees in the City”. In Kielce, a Mars rover with a hive set off from the monument of Henryk Sienkiewicz

The action “Bees in the City” is underway. In Kielce in front of the statue of Henryk Sienkiewicz, the rover transported the bee hive with LanaCoin Logo to the roof of the Grand Best Western Hotel near the station.

When the last bee will extinct, people will try to rebuild our ecosystem by chemicals. »But it won’t work« With these words, Krzysztof Antoszewski, the project coordinator, started the Expedition to Mars-“Bees in the City” event.

“We want to support the League of Nature Conservation in Kielce this way,” said Kamil Borycki from Impuls, one of the rover’s builders. “We want to show that the rover can also help to save the bees in the city”.

A team of mars rover creators from the Świętokrzyska Polytechnic, which won the famous competition in the United States, helped to deliver beehive on the roof of Best Western Hotel in Kielce.

At 2 p.m., a Mars rover built by students of the Świętokrzyska University of Technology, along with bees, set off from the monument of Henryk Sienkiewicz. He drove the street straight under the Best Western Grand Hotel. There, however, the device did not cope with too many stairs, so the organizers of the event personally brought hive from the street to the roof. He had joined the hives set up there a few weeks earlier. Later, Antoszewski moved the grilles with wax and bees to the hive, which will remain permanently on the roof of the hotel.

The help of such an unusual device as well as the whole event, aimed to draw people’s attention to the problem of the decline in the number of bees. This is another hive in Kielce, where, as the project coordinator says, bees have ideal conditions for life.

– We want to develop urban beekeeping in the region and show how we can act to protect bees – says Antoszewski.

– Bee hives are also located in Kielce on the premises of other companies, on the roof of kielce Cultural Center, at the Capuchin monastery…

– This variety of bees is not dangerous. They will not bite, they are not aggressive, says Antoszewski.-Therefore, they are ideal for cities.

Krzysztof Antoszewski announces that by the end of next year they are planning to set many more of the same hives as on Friday at the Grand Hotel. They will stand on the roofs of other buildings, in total there will be more than 100 of them.

LanaCoin and BEES

LanaCoin is suporting this kind of effort saving bees and nature globally. If you want to support us, action »bees in the city« and Krzysztof Antoszewski you can donate LanaCoins to our address and we will try to deliver more hives to the urban roofs. You can buy Lana coins on EXCHANGE.


We will try to encourage Beekeepers in other countries and starting in Slovenia. Slovenia is a country of excellent beekeepers. Beekeeping in Slovenia is one of the oldest traditional activities and important part of Slovenia’s identity, natural and cultural heritage. To be Slovenian means to be a beekeeper. Slovenia is a homeland of beekeepers and apiculture. Do not be surprised by the fact that there are five beekeepers per 1000 inhabitants in a population of just two million.

The Carniolan bee
The Carniolan bee
Colourful panels of the beehives
Colourful panels of the beehives

That’s why we think that idea of »urban beekeeping in Slovenia will be success.

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